Yessss. ewe Melissa and I moved into our friends room, and were staying here with three other girls. :3 One of them was one of Melissas roommates another year too, and she seems really nice! :D The other two girls in our room havent really interacted much with us yet, but ah well. 030 I feel like after tonight we might interact with each other more, since we havent really had a whole lot of time together yet. uvu

I didnt end up in any classes or anything with Cody, so I havent really had an excuse to interact with him or anything, which kinda sucks. D: Ive been trying to interact with this other guy named Neill too though, because he seems really cool and stuff! ^^ Im kinda hoping well end up friends by the end of camp, but Im not sure if thats gonna happen or not. .3. Hopefully it does, though! owo

Everyones been divided up into four teams, and I ended up on Neills team. uvu Were called Team Lars, because one of the cooks that used to work here was named Lars, and he could yodel and stuff, and all the food he made was really good. xD We were playing a Jeopardy game earlier too, and we ended up tied with another team for last, and the other two teams ended up tied for first, so they did rock paper scissors to figure out who won and who lost. It got reeeally intense, aha, Im pretty sure thats the most intense like twelve rounds of rock paper scissors Ive ever seen. xD Im not even sure who won and who lost in the end, honestly.

Anyway, I figured Id get this done now while I had some extra time, and the internet was co-operating. :3 The internets been working kinda on and off, sometimes it just randomly disconnects me and stuff, but ah well. 030 Im not really that sure what else to say here tonight, so I thiiink I might just stop writing for now, while the internet is working and stuff! ;u; 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D Ill try to get more written here then! ^^

Bye guys! ewe